Does your résumé tell the story of your career?

It should. But a lot of people feel daunted by the idea of telling their professional stories. Some people are too humble. Some people list lots of information but don’t include the context that helps prospective employers understand the value of the candidates before them. Some people just really, really hate writing résumés.

Whatever your sticking point, I can help you create a résumé that tells your story and helps you shine. An editor by trade, I ask questions that get to the heart of what you do then flesh out the details that make your contributions unique. I also suggest content to cut. Résumés aren’t meant to cite every detail of every job you’ve ever held.

I format your résumé for optimal readability. I make it easy to skim: an HR professional spends mere seconds with a résumé before sorting it into “Possible” or “No.” I lay out your experience in the way that best conveys your story. And I ensure that your final document is designed, formatted, and proofread to telegraph your professionalism.

For those who may not wish to embark on a wholesale overhaul of their résumé, I offer a Résumé & Cover Letter Assessment. I review your résumé, make high-level suggestions for improvements, address issues with grammar, fix typos, and tweak formatting as needed. (I know some folks dislike tabs or don’t know how to set them, but the space bar is a less-than-ideal way to try to make things line up.)

I also review your cover letter with the same eye for detail and call out any opportunities I see to improve your message. I encourage clients to write their own cover letters, daunting though they may be, but the editor in me is happy to help you polish your prose.

Allow me to share a few words from some of my clients:

“As I had not updated my resume in 10 years (and a lot had changed in terms of technology and resume structure during this time), Beth was able to work very quickly to help me create a compelling, well organized resume so that I could quickly proceed to a job search. I appreciated how responsive Beth was to all of my questions. She took what was basically an outline of my work experience and created an impressive resume that highlighted my strengths and presented a ‘brand.’ Beth was a pleasure to work with and I would strongly recommend her services.”

— Kimberly, Senior Policy Advisor

“Mick Jagger once said, ‘we all need someone we can lean on.’ I came to Beth for help with my resume—a document I hadn’t touched in nearly two decades. I’ve never liked my own resume because it never told the right story about my career arc and certainly didn’t set me apart as someone who should be hired immediately and with great pay. Working with Beth was a joy. I found her easy to talk to and easy to understand. Her suggestions and thoughts produced a clean resume and I am proud of it. I am grateful for her work and glad we met.”

— John, Attorney and Advocate

“When I knew my resume needed a new format and a ‘professional’ touch I was referred to Beth. Beth's approach to the process was smooth, seamless, and insightful. She asked all of the right questions, provided outstanding results in a timely manner, and brought my resume to life. Not only was I completely satisfied with the final product, but I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated Beth's humor and engaging interactions. She was a pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to refer her to friends and colleagues.”

— Laurie, Human Resources Manager

“I've had the pleasure of knowing Beth since 2008, and she recently worked to make my resume and other career documents shine. Her rock-solid intuition, pure talent, and keen eye for the 'little details that make a big difference' are unparalleled. Her genuine nature, warmth, and professionalism are evident in her work as well. I enthusiastically endorse Beth for any project, big or small.”

— Amy, Educator

“I contacted Beth to help rewrite my resume and am thrilled with the result. My resume no longer reads like a series of lifeless bullet points. It now tells the story of my career and allows my personality to shine through. This girl has talent! Not only does Beth do great work, she's genuine and fun - such a pleasure to work with.”

— Robin, Certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer


Résumé Re-write — $495 – $695
Executive Résumé Re-write — $795 – $995

[ Request a quote — please share your current résumé, however dated it may be ]
Need it in less than 72 hours? — add $250

LinkedIn Summary — add $150

Stand-alone Résumé & Cover Letter Assessment — $150

Note: Services are available for one year from date of payment.

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